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July 7th, 2016

  • Auto-detect and remove furigana, to stop breaking words into separate kanjis. bug #692


Apr 7th, 2016

  • Disable globbing while analyzing the clipboard. bug #654
  • Initial port to Kotlin


March 27th, 2016

  • Fixed: the Quick List Delete button should be protected against random clicking bug #651
  • Fixed: the Quick List now only contains unique items; Quick Add Buttons are now properly updated on new analysis result. bug #600


March 18th, 2016

  • Fixed: Do not show popup when screen is locked bug #630
  • Fixed: Optionally show reading/translation when iconified bug #628
  • Add setting option to hide the popup window when Aedict is launched bug #638
  • Add setting to specify the window initial size bug #639
  • Added a button which will let Aedict analyze only kanji characters from the copied text. bug #604
  • Added support for quick-adding words to a quick-list bug #600


Sep 2nd, 2015

  • Floating window default mode is now configurable in Settings


Aug 31th, 2015

  • Added search-by-typing
  • Deinflection data is now shown
  • Shows example sentences if search produces single entry only.


Aug 14th, 2015

  • Added speech recognition support.


Aug 13th, 2015

  • Initial release