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Save several hundred dollars/euros, no hardware dictionary necessary. The only Japanese dictionary for Android worth paying for.

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Privacy Statement

Aedict respects privacy of users and will not send nor upload your data anywhere besides the user-configured storages.

Aedict3 uses internet for these activities only:

  • To download new dictionaries
  • To synchronize to your other devices via the Aedict Online server

Download New Dictionaries

Dictionaries are downloaded via HTTP from the server. No user sensitive information is uploaded from your phone, only the standard HTTP stuff, like IP. The server serves the dictionary file and then forgets all of these data.

Aedict Online

Aedict will on your request synchronize your notepad, SRS and recently-viewed entries with your accont at the Aedict Online server. The client uses the username and password provided by the user, to connect to the Aedict Online service.

In order to delete your user and all of your data, please reach out to me directly and send me an e-mail to .