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September 21th, 2017

  • Fixed: Verbs no longer show inflection tab bug #796
  • Fixed: Word senses always display all languages. bug #795
  • Enlarged the quiz kanji font


    September 19th, 2017

  • Fixed proper kanji detection bug #791
  • Fixed Kanjipad +-2 strokes now works bug #787
  • Added: In kanji view, aedict should list a few similar kanjis bug #788
  • Added deinflector for imperative ろ/base4 form bug #792
  • Notification now optionally opens the Word Of The Day details bug #781
  • Fixed: する verbs do not have inflection pane bug #757
  • Fixed: Irregular inflections are incorrect bug #758
  • Fixed: Search using passive form of verb not recognized bug #786


    July 20th, 2017

    • Fixes Aedict -> Ankidroid export bug in 3.40: first character only bug #776
    • Fixed crash when exporting an empty quiz
    • Fixed OwnCloud backup-related crashes
    • Fixed Pronounce button reading pitchless hiragana readings only bug #778
    • Fixed Ankidroid export bug in 3.40: visible HTML code bug #777
    • Fixed: crash when a lone x is passed in
    • Fixed Duplicate related terms bug #779


    July 3rd, 2017

    • Fixed: Adding a meaning/example sentence in “export to ankidroid“ results in adding it twice bug #763
    • Added: ability to edit the expression field freely in AnkiDroid export bug #771
    • Added: ability to deinflect continuative+causative 落ち着かせ bug #769
    • Fixed: Pitch accent in anki export in the "reading" field bug #770
    • Fixed: performance of certain example sentence export bug #775
    • Fixed: Plus button in Inflections tab is black in dark theme bug #773


    June 23th, 2017

    • Fixed: When using CBL FS, can't download daijirin without enabling sync with Aedict Online bug #730
    • Improved compatibility with future versions of Aedict Online


    June 22th, 2017

    • Fixed: Word search for particular kanji reading would return an empty list.
    • Bottom-mode OmniSearch: notifications are shown at the top. bug #767
    • Removed sync with Dropbox since Dropbox stopped their sync API support.
    • Fixed: crash in Owncloud
    • Ongoing conversion to Kotlin


    May 14th, 2017

    • Added Furigana to Kotowaza proverbs bug #581
    • Improved furigana for example sentences bug #753
    • Fixed search in Verb Inflection view
    • Added support for tall screens bug #755
    • Fixed various crashes
    • AnkiDroid export: Allow duplicite cards to be exported bug #752
    • Initial support for re_nokanji bug #754


    April 15th, 2017

    • Fixed crash in BackupActivity
    • AnkiDroid client upgrade
    • Fixed various crashes, small improvements


    April 7th, 2017

    • Fixed: Can't delete items from the Recently Viewed list bug #746
    • Fixed: Learning Review Progress: can't touch the kanji to reveal kanji details bug #748
    • Fixed: Improved accuracy of Example sentences for entry bug #742
    • Removed support for backing up to Aedict Online bug #749
    • The JMDict entry dialog now shows priority/commonality of the entry bug #747


    Mar 25th, 2017

    • Added quick converts for Japanese length units, such as 10尺 bug #736
    • Added configuration option to hide word frequency bug #737
    • Fixed: The Recently Viewed list was not properly refreshed bug #739
    • Fixed: The green tags were not hidden properly bug #631


    Mar 11th, 2017

    • Fixed: Crash for Androids 4.4 and older
    • Fixed: NPE Crash


    Mar 10th, 2017

    • Fixed: Quick-search would pre-fill with "Search Results"
    • Added Frequency Information for Items bug #735


    Feb 20th, 2017

    • Fixed: Workaround around Regex not being Serializable
    • Fixed: Workaround for TTS crash on Samsung
    • Fixed: Crash when exporting Notepad
    • Fixed: SnackBar crashed when launched on a non-compat activity
    • Fixed: Crash in Notepad Reorder Category code
    • Fixed random crash in StrokePainterView with Internal KanjiPad


    Feb 17th, 2017

    • Fixed: Sort kanji junctures by JLPT first, then by commonality bug #724
    • Fixed: Kanji Quick Field List layout falls apart when the column is too thin bug #725
    • Fixed: NPE when starting Quiz from Notepad bug #729
    • Fixed: Notepad with embedded database: crash when launching quiz bug #727
    • JMDict now shows the origin language and the dialect where applicable. bug #717
    • Added support for Notepad sorting by readings bug #715
    • ActionBar Search Box is now pre-filled with currently shown entry bug #720


    Jan 26th, 2017

    • Experimental new database-based storing of user data, new proper cloud sync with Aedict Online bug #721
    • Searching for romaji tsuzuku with Hepburn romanization now should find 続く bug #714
    • Searching for Φ shows no results bug #716


    Nov 29th, 2016

    • Dropped support for Androids older than 4.0.4 bug #712
    • Fixed: crash when searching for occurences of 粉 in JMDict. bug #705
    • Fixed: crash on Android 18 and lower bug #706
    • Fixed: search for あわてて will not find あわてる bug #707
    • Live Search now shows deinflections applied
    • Fixed: The +-2 strokes checkbox hard to see in 4.0.4 dark theme bug #697
    • Fixed: Reading settings crashes Aedict bug #711
    • Buddy Word Search now accessible when selecting entries bug #708


    Aug 25th, 2016

    • Hot-fixed configuration-related crash bug #698


    Aug 23th, 2016

    • Initial support for Quick Answers: added auto-converter for Japanese Imperial Year. Try entering 1991 or 平成3 into the search box
    • Onyomi/kunyomi now highlighted
    • Fixed: duplicite antonyms


    Aug 6th, 2016

    • Fixed: Kanji commonality often shown as zero. bug #694
    • Added the Newspaper Frequency number to all kanjis, please update dictionaries. bug #694
    • Fixed: Kanji lookup screen: the List button found nothing
    • Fixed: Incorrect list of words from Kanji to ON readings in words bug #693
    • Fixed: Compatibility with Android 4.3 and lower (Crash in BitSet.valueOf) bug #695
    • Fixed: Notepad: notepad category menu is nearly invisible bug #691


    June 27th, 2016

    • Fixed: SecurityException when accessing AnkiDroid bug #689


    June 13th, 2016

    • Fixed: dirutils crashes bug #686
    • Fixed: Deleting an item from RecentlyViewed crashes Aedict bug #687
    • Fixed: Clicking on example sentences for inflections gives webpage 404 error bug #685


    June 6th, 2016

    • Fixed: invalid deinflection of へる - ふ bug #676
    • Fixed: doing an exact search for へんあい also searches for へない bug #675
    • Fixed: romanization engine now handles jeri - ジェリ correctly. bug #678
    • Fixed: example inflection sentences Jえrry - ジェリ bug #678
    • Fixed: Do not deinflect へんあい to heru bug #677
    • Fixed: Copy all feature of vocab doesnt copy somethings. bug #673
    • Fixed: Kanji Readings on Quiz wont clear up. bug #681
    • Added: Optionally Aedict will now directly auto-update dictionaries instead of showing a notification first. bug #679
    • Fixed: Crash when searching for "hot air balloon" in Kanjidic bug #684


    May 16th, 2016

    • Fixed: Accent pitch not marked correctly bug #666
    • Minor cosmetic: Gray wrench icon vs. white icons bug #672


    May 11th, 2016

    • Fixed settings-related crash


    May 11th, 2016

    • Crash when parsing kanjidic query consisting of only small tsu bug #667
    • Fixed: Stoke Order Error in KanjiPad bug #665
    • Fixed: Kanjipad is sluggish with Kanjipad Ext bug #669
    • Improved performance of Kanji Search by Parts
    • Fixed: Overline accent does not work on some Android phones bug #666
    • Fixed: StartsWith search for かっ won't find かっこ bug #670


    Apr 25th, 2016

    • Number of strokes is now shown in Kanji Search window bug #662
    • Fixed: Sending Notepad as CSV to Gmail fails bug #661
    • Crash in Aedict API when Aedict has no dictionaries downloaded bug #664
    • Dictionary Manager: added sort options, status is now also shown by color bug #649
    • Quiz: another field for on/kun readings bug #655


    Apr 10th, 2016

    • Fixed NPE in search engine
    • Fixed NPE in deinflection engine


    Apr 9th, 2016

    • Fixed crash when query contains NBSP character bug #658


    Apr 9th, 2016

    • Fixed crash when query contains NBSP character bug #658


    Apr 8th, 2016


    Apr 7th, 2016

    • API: added disable_globbing bug #654
    • Initial port to Kotlin


    March 27th, 2016

    • Pitch not shown for all words bug #642
    • The Downstep character not rendered on some phones bug #647
    • Added: Long-touch the entry sense to copy specific entry in Daijirin to the clipboard. bug #650
    • Optionally the pitch nasal circle ° can be hidden. bug #644
    • JLPT Quiz: show pitch accent marks bug #653
    • Added: Color tag in CSV export bug #648


    March 15th, 2016

    • Fixed crash when attempted to serialize FragmentFactory bug #640
    • Added setting which optionally hides the pitch accent information bug #641


    March 13th, 2016

    • Added pitch accents information - please update dictionaries. bug #634
    • Entry detail screen: the panel order is sometimes reversed bug #632
    • Fixed crash: Parcel unmarshalling error bug #633
    • Optionally hide the greenish Dictionary Code Badges bug #631
    • Fixed: Cannot connect to the internet: UnknownHostException bug #635
    • Fixed: Overflow menu invisible in dark theme bug #629


    Feb 29th, 2016

    • Fixed: SRS/Leitner progress not shown for word+examples entries bug #619
    • Changed the Aedict SRS/Leitner color scheme to Red/Yellow/Green bug #620
    • Fixed: NPE in entry detail activity bug #621
    • Add Aedict Online to a list of external dictionaries bug #624
    • Added support for editing of the list of external dictionaries bug #625
    • Fixed: Combination of !? after a word doesnt give any results bug #627


    Feb 18th, 2016

    • Fixed: Failed to inflect 出ru bug #616
    • Optionally do not show pinyin and/or namae in kanji details. bug #617
    • Fixed: Crash when opening the Examples tab. bug #618
    • Added support for export of the quiz contents into the notepad.


    Feb 9th, 2016

    • Fixed: Conjugation shows reading instead of kanji. bug #612
    • Fixed: Conjugation: aedict shows でわない instead of ではない bug #611
    • Fixed: Conjugation quiz: unreadable with Holo Dark theme bug #613
    • Experimental support for Aedict Online


    Jan 22th, 2016

    • Entry list: Shows now all Notepad categories the entry is present in. bug #603
    • Fixed: Question mark disabled the sentence analysis. bug #607
    • When the CSV export is cancelled, a Toast/Snackbar is shown. bug #575
    • Quiz: added support for Kanji+English combination. bug #610
    • Share As Flashcard: added support for Kanji,English combination. bug #608
    • Quick Swipe Action: the list of actions is now configurable. bug #609


    Jan 8th, 2016

    • Fixed: Searching for 代々 finds nothing. Please update dictionaries. bug #606
    • Add same word/kanji to multiple lists. bug #603
    • Buddies: added substring match. bug #605
    • Minor UI fixes.


    Dec 20th, 2015

    • When there are dictionary updates, the notification will now contain a button which will allow you to update right away. bug #598
    • Export to AnkiDroid is now supported by both the new API and the old one. bug #599
    • Wildcard search: support full-width *? bug #602


    Dec 7th, 2015

    • AnkiDroid export: Aedict will now ask for deck name. bug #596
    • AnkiDroid export: Incorrect items exported. bug #597


    Nov 28th, 2015

    • Parts: Fixed: some parts could not be added to the Notepad. bug #591
    • Fixed crash when inflected shuunei. bug #595
    • Fixed crash when launching quiz from a large set of items. bug #587
    • Minor UI fix. bug #594


    Nov 24th, 2015

    • Quiz: revamped launch screen
    • Quiz: added filtering by tag color support. bug #588
    • Added "Keep Screen On"
    • Show juncture kanjis for given kanji. bug #585
    • Fixed Support for Google Quick Search Box / Google Now. bug #589
    • All basic dialogs can now be canceled on touch outside
    • Upgraded the icon set; replaced toasts with snackbars


    Oct 28th, 2015

    • Added setting to enlarge KanjiPad. bug #582


    Oct 26th, 2015

    • Fixed crash when updating dictionaries. bug #579


    Oct 21th, 2015

    • Fixed crash when recently-search history is too long.
    • Self-test: crash stack traces are now shown


    Oct 17th, 2015

    • NPE when updating progress review grid. bug #578
    • Added Search Tips window to the main screen.
    • Searching for nya will search both for んや and にゃ


    Oct 14th, 2015

    • Fixed two search-related crashes.


    Oct 12th, 2015

    • Improved search accuracy, please update dictionaries. bug #576
    • Implemented Dictionary Health Check, which shows if there is a problem in the dictionary files.
    • Fixed: Export Notepad to CSV freezes Aedict. bug #575


    Oct 10th, 2015

    • Fixed: another sentence analyzer crash


    Oct 10th, 2015

    • Fixed: sentence analysis disabled when the sentence contained english words
    • New mass-export support to AnkiDroid 2.5 and higher. bug #454


    Oct 7th, 2015

    • Fixed: Certain wildcard search strings could crash Aedict. bug #574
    • Improved search results for space-separated queries


    Oct 4th, 2015

    • Fixed: Certain wildcard search strings could crash Aedict. bug #572
    • Omnisearch: Added search history support. Experimental, needs to be enabled in the Settings. bug #573


    Oct 1st, 2015

    • Fixed: Exact search of "there" in example sentences finds nothing. Please update dictionaries. bug #571


    Sep 26th, 2015

    • Search accuracy: move exact match to the top. bug #570
    • Notepad search will also search in category names


    Sep 22th, 2015

    • Quick-fixed compatibility issue with old dictionary files. bug #569


    Sep 21th, 2015

    • Added wildcards/globbing support: you can for example enter *ta?ru* to find taberu. bug #441
    • Show word frequency information in the JMDict entry detail screen. bug #539
    • Sentence analysis now creates Example Sentence Entry which can be added to the notepad. Note that the computed reading may not be accurate. bug #537


    Sep 16th, 2015

    • Fixed kanji search crashes. bug #567
    • Audio Quiz: add setting for manual/automatic TTS. bug #563
    • Added Kanji Query codes for The Kanji Dictionary, Four Corner code and 2001 Kanji; added Halpern Kodansha 2nd edition codes, Added codes for Kanji and Kana 2011 edition.


    Sep 2nd, 2015


    Sep 2nd, 2015


    Aug 31th, 2015

    • IMPORTANT: The Dropbox Sync will be removed in upcoming Aedict version and will be replaced by automatic backup/restore. See bug #546 for discussion
    • Fixed kanji pad error: Invalid state: closed. bug #559
    • Added new type of Quiz, Audio quiz. bug #558


    Aug 28th, 2015

    • IMPORTANT: The Dropbox Sync will be removed in upcoming Aedict version and will be replaced by automatic backup/restore. See bug #546 for discussion
    • Fixed: Kanji drawing search crashes with DeadObjectException. bug #547
    • Fixed Inflection quiz minor UI glitch. bug #553
    • Added Index Numbers, Classifications (Hadamitzky, Halpern, ...). Please update the dictionaries. bug #545
    • Notepad category list reverse support added; new notepad categories are added as first. bug #548
    • Improved English/German/... search accuracy. bug #555


    Aug 13th, 2015

    • Entry Detail screen now shows more of the tag text
    • Added Nouns to the filter category list
    • API: added support for resolving a kanji list in UI


    Aug 8th, 2015

    • UI rework of the inflection quiz
    • API: added support for Messenger-based queries


    Aug 1st, 2015

    • Quick-fixed various crashes reported via Android Issue Reporter


    July 29th, 2015

    • JLPT Quiz Launcher now lists Notepad categories as well. bug #538
    • Buddies tab: you can now filter by JLPT level. bug #529
    • Improved Sentence analysis accuracy. bug #541
    • Quiz now shows tag color. bug #535
    • Fixed: Search Result screen too narrow on 7 portrait tablet. bug #533
    • Allow different folder for internal memory backups. bug #528


    July 2nd, 2015

    • Fixed: Dictionary Manager incorrectly displayed downloaded dictionary information. bug #532
    • Fixed KanjiSearch layout on 7-inch tablets in portrait mode. bug #530


    July 1st, 2015

    • Fixed: Aedict no longer crashes on 64-bit Android with Dropbox enabled - instead, it will auto-disable Dropbox integration. There are no Dropbox Sync libraries for 64-bit Android. Dropbox Sync has been deprecated by the Dropbox guys and it will go away in the future. I apologize, but there is nothing I can do.
    • Fixed proper scrolling of example sentence
    • Fixed: 持って in sentence analysis would produce 持久. bug #520
    • Fixed crash when exporting too many items to AnkiDroid. bug #523
    • Increased accuracy of Sentence Analyzer
    • JLPT Quiz: Clear Kanji Pad button is more accessible. bug #531
    • Increased accuracy of kanji search results
    • Added Sorting by Heisig number in Learning Progress Review bug #527
    • Quiz: Added the "show tag" button. bug #517


    June 12th, 2015

    • Hot-fixed Dropbox integration crashing.
    • Fixed: Kanji Contours View colors were not inverted properly in Dark Theme.


    June 11th, 2015

    • Quiz: Kanji Contours does not work on non-kanjidic entry. bug #515
    • Kanji draw is now always available in all Quiz types. bug #514
    • Furigana can now be toggled in Example Sentence detail screen. bug #513
    • Example Sentence Analysis is now in the first tab of the Sentence detail screen, right under the example sentence itself. bug #512
    • Quiz: Verify kanji draw accuracy. Needs to be enabled in Settings. bug #511


    June 3rd, 2015

    • Fixed sentence analyzer crash
    • JMDict entry detail screen: all badges are now shown
    • Yojijukugo badge explanation added


    May 27th, 2015

    • Fixed crashes related to internal memory backup.
    • Fixed: radical search could not find some kanjis. bug #508
    • Fixed rare Anki export crashes


    May 21th, 2015

    • Anki export no longer uses curly braces. bug #507


    May 17th, 2015

    • Quick-fixed several crashes


    May 16th, 2015

    • Omnisearch: implemented search by heisig in kanjidic. Please wait until June 1st 2015 while the dictionaries are updated. bug #500
    • Fixed: some verbs with kanjis (e.g. 見ました) were not deinflected. bug #501
    • Aedict now shows warning message if a kanji is not present in Kanjidic. bug #499
    • JMDict entry detail: added Buddy words, such as transitive/intransitive counter-parts. bug #492
    • Kana Underneath Sentences can now optionally be hidden. bug #503
    • Search order: JMDict first, then other custom dictionaries. bug #502
    • You can now use different font for the big kanji in the kanji detail screen. bug #490
    • Fixed: after dictionary update, some words are no longer shown as present in Notepad. bug #488
    • Added %position_in_sentence% formatting string to CSV export. bug #497
    • Implemented KanjiDraw-style handwriting test as a quiz. bug #483


    May 7th, 2015

    • Fixed huge flaw with directory creation which causes dictionaries to fail to update etc. bug #498
    • Implemented "Emergency Dictionary Location Override" for sudden readonlyness of their SD Cards. bug #487
    • Fixed: Imperative form of verbs not deinflected. bug #494
    • Sentence analysis now searches in all enabled dictionaries. bug #495
    • Clicking hiragana/katakana character in Kana Table will show the drawing animation (you will need the KanjiDraw application for this).


    Apr 28th, 2015

    • Fixed: Aedict 3.16 crashes on Galaxy Tab S after upgrade to Android 5.0. bug #485
    • Fixed: Disable the left Navigation Menu swipe slider while doing JLPT Quizzes with the kanjipad. Can be optionally enabled back in Settings. bug #484
    • Add antonym support to Aedict. bug #480


    Apr 21th, 2015

    • Open dictionary entry in external dictionary such as Goo, ALC. bug #479
    • Fixed: chinese characters still shown in some places (only Android 4.2 and higher). bug #472
    • Fixed: characters drawing one over another in the furigana view. bug #473
    • Improved english search accuracy. bug #471
    • Fixed: Mixed katakana/kanji cannot be found. bug #474
    • Fixed several crashes.
    • Fixed: Scrolling keeps sliding single entries to the left. bug #477
    • Fixed: Mixed katakana/kanji cannot be found (fix available on May 1st 2015 when the new dictionary files will be uploaded). bug #474
    • Fixed: Better error reporting of SDCard issues. bug #481


    Apr 2nd, 2015

    • Fixed: Cannot make directory when updating dictionaries. bug #468
    • Fixed: Cannot disable furigana. bug #466
    • Fixed: Invisible icons in ActionBar during text selection when in action mode. bug #463
    • Fixed: Blank Buttons in FileBrowser dialog. bug #462
    • Fixed: Full-width Latin letters not displayed on some phones. bug #464


    Mar 30th, 2015

    • Fixed: Blank Buttons in Welcome screen when using the Dark theme. bug #462
    • Fixed: Invisible icons in ActionBar during selection when in action mode. bug #463
    • Fixed: Vector SODs do not draw properly on some Androids. bug #465
    • KanjiDraw: line thickness is now configurable.
    • Fixed: Kanji Search for one kanji did not return JMDict entries containing that very kanji.
    • Fixed: Full-width Latin letters not displayed on some phones. bug #464


    Mar 27th, 2015

    • Upgraded Dropbox library in hope to fix bug #440
    • Added Expert Setting for disabling Furigana view
    • Fixed missing copy/cut buttons in TagEditor dialog. bug #445
    • Kanji details: clicking on kanji would show the same activity. bug #448
    • (P), (n), (exp) etc badges. bug #332
    • Implemented -zuru verb inflection. bug #449
    • Added support for animated kanji strokes. bug #431
    • Kanji strokes now rendered as vector images. bug #453
    • Improved Kanji Pad graphics
    • Quiz: there is a button for revealing the answer. bug #458


    March 5th, 2015

    • Fixed theme issues on Miui and dark theme issues on Galaxy S2
    • Fixed: starting Aedict from permanent notification now optionally does not clear the omnisearch, see Settings
    • Display "uk" code for "usually kana". bug #439
    • UI: ActionBar made smaller. bug #433
    • Tag Editor: fixed accidental underlining introduced by keyboard autocompletion. bug #435
    • Tag Editor: resized so that the buttons are not obscured by the soft keyboard. bug #436
    • Notepad: consecutive search to find more entries. bug #438
    • Settings: added Expert/Auto-Evict setting which helps when your Notepad is large.


    Feb 26th, 2015

    • Deinflections applied to the search query are now displayed next to the search result word.
    • Quiz: reading guessing added. bug #411
    • Example sentences: Ruby Furigana (kana above kanjis) displayed properly. Please wait for the new dictionaries to get released. bug #360
    • Notepad now remembers position. bug #410 bug #413
    • Verb Inflections: search added; basic/all is now remembered
    • Material Design for Action Bar implemented
    • Quiz: fixed long entries reading not displayed. bug #430
    • Omnisearch: added kanjidraw launch icon. bug #428
    • SRS: kanji learn status can now optionally be shown in all lists. bug #387


    Feb 18th, 2015

    • Restore from backup: You can now pick files which will be restored from backup. bug #421
    • Swipe menu: added the Send As flashcard action. bug #422
    • Quiz: fixed resizing of the kanji pad with Kanji Draw quizzes. bug #408
    • Notepad: the column count button moved to the action overflow. bug #420
    • Added chemdict, aviation and manufdic dictionaries.
    • Fixed reading in Tatoeba example sentences. bug #416
    • Tag Editor: fixed BIU buttons covered by Android UI when text is selected. bug #412
    • Kanji Search: Break-to-words implemented. bug #419
    • Notepad category is now displayed when an item is present in the notepad. bug #414
    • Implemented -rareru deinflection. bug #424


    Jan 4th, 2015

    • Added swipe support to some lists - just swipe the item to the right, to reveal quick actions (add to notepad, copy to clipboard, tag). bug #368
    • Example sentences with configured translation language are now shown first. bug #397 bug #381
    • Advanced Search Settings are now shown in search result title. bug #402
    • Shows whether a sentence analysis was performed. bug #402
    • Kanji Search: shows waiting progress bar while the new kanji grid contents are recomputed. bug #401
    • Paid kanjipad now optionally matches kanjis with one or two strokes more or less. bug #399
    • Omnisearch itself now uses JP font
    • Kanji learning progress review: kanji sorting implemented. bug #386
    • Kanji learning progress review: filter is now remembered. bug #405
    • Entry Detail Activity: actionbar search is now remembered. bug #404
    • JLPT kanji draw quiz: Undo/Clear now works even when the answer is shown. bug #406

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