Aedict OCR

Japanese text recognizer which scans documents and photos

Save several hundred dollars/euros, no hardware dictionary necessary. If you need a complete Japanese dictionary with many kinds of kanji and word search, Aedict is for you.

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Q: Is this the same as aedict3 plus OCR? I'm asking because I just bought aedict3 and they seem to be the same price.

A: Nope, this is a paid extension to the Aedict3 software, or rather, a standalone application, that performs the Optical Character Recognition and uses Aedict3 to fix mis-detected kanjis and perform sentence analysis.

Aedict3 OCR is able to work without Aedict3 installed, also Aedict3 works without the Aedict3 OCR installed. To acquire both applications you will have to buy both of these apps.